Why do people need motivational speaker? Part 2

“I am gonna try everything even though I know I could fail”

Recently we have a film from Disney titled Zootopia. I haven’t watched it. But I am interested in the lyric of the theme song. It is titled “try everything”. At first I thought “Ah, this form of motivation again (see part 1)”. But interestingly it is not. The song has no success as the main goal as usual. Even the bridge before the last reff only say “I will keep on making those new mistakes”. In conclusion, the song says keep on trying and keep on making those new mistake and dont give up, always try again, try everything.

People demand a positive end result

This sounds better than most of motivational speaking that I know for it does not promise any success, or a full rainbow end. It does say about not giving up and nobody promise you will get anything “successful”. Probably you will only get new mistakes everyday.

I should say this is more realistic and at least not lying by offering false hope. That is the best we can do as human being if we think we want to achieve anything. We may fall and never get what we want until the end of our lives. What we can do is only to try and to try.

But it doesnt sound nice for some people. Perhaps others will jeer “that is only for losers”. Basically, as a human being, we do not want a negative ending or even an ambiguous ending. The spirit of post-modernism produce many movies in this form where it leaves the audience in question upon leaving the theatre. “So does he live or not?” “Is he still dreaming afterall?” Even so, deep in our mind, we still try to reconcile the pieces ourselves as we go back home or discuss with friends.

In other word, deep down there in us, we would like to see a conclusion happens even though it is our own version, and not agreed by anybody else.

This translates in how we live our lives. Motivational speech is like a tool we use to reconfirm our deep longing that it is going to be alright. But have we ever examined more on “why do you need it to be alright? why cant you just let it be so?”?

The last sentence might alert some people thinking that I love to fail or I love to see people failing. No! If atheism is right, people should not be so asymmetrically inclined to have success in their hand. Even if monotheism (one person of God) is right, then successful “Life” is a new invention upon creation of the universe; let alone polytheism where success and failure are always there from the very beginning within the clashes of the gods. (I should make a separate article about this).

People work and interpret meaning

The point is we know our works should mean something. We see that scoring goals, publishing papers, obtaining new patents, gaining more profits, etc are ends that we should reach. Or else, our work means nothing and we may withdraw from the field or even withdraw from life. Thus, in failure, we automatically would love to hear a reaffirming voice and also direction on getting to the right path and pursue further.

This is where motivational speech comes in. This is where the speech will work its charm to lead people in believing that everything is going to be alright by the end of the road. All is done by subconscious understanding that our work should be meaningful and in failure, we should try again.

I dont have any ill intention to any speakers out there who have done their job well in raising spirit up.  I cannot blame anything in people who bring water to a thirsty person. If there is no demand, any supply you give will only be in vain. So a motivational speech will not be so loved if there is no real need.

People and their lost purpose

However, to whom are all these works (& successes) done for? In Christian’s perspective, we know that all is done for the glory of God. These works are for Him who is the source, means, and also the end of everything. The point of re-trying everything and making mistakes all days are again meaningless without success by the end of the road if all is done with no God in view. Even the learning that we get along the way is futile with no real purpose by the end of the road.

So why do I feel the need to get up and work again after failure? Why do I need to finish this work perfectly? Why all these matter? Because this life is a gift from the Maker and we are created for Him to do good works that he has prepared before hand. Even if we fail, He, who is in control of everything will not fail. Our failure will not only mess the floor but can be used as the means for other good things to come. Thus, failure or success is not the main issue. Even the learning process will not be in vain. What matters are the fact that we are in Him and are doing everything with our conscience before Him.

However, sin enters and breaks everything. We are pieces that still have the desire for positive end but with no real motivation in mind. We are the creature that love to create something big for others but implicitly want the stage light to shine on us only.

What I can see in the end is people without God are like cars that need motivational speech as a fuel to in the end crash their souls on a hard brick wall of meaninglessness.


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