What is holiness?

J. C. Ryle

To answer this question, JC Ryle chose to write in a via-negativa way (of saying what is not to explain what it is).

  1. Holiness is NOT knowledge
    Balaam had that
  2. Holiness is NOT great profession
    Judas Iscariot had that
  3. Holiness is NOT doing many things
    Herod had that
  4. Holiness is NOT zeal for certain matters in religion
    Jehu had that
  5. Holiness is NOT morality and outward respectability of conduct
    The rich young ruler had that
  6. Holiness is NOT taking pleasure in hearing preachers
    The Jews in Ezekiel’s time had that
  7. Holiness is NOT keeping company with godly people
    Joab and Gehazi and Demas had that

And the 7 people mentioned above are not holy people.

We can reflect on ourselves and check which point is our dear “holy” thing


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