Why do people need motivational speaker? – Part 1

I am always skeptical to any motivational talk or event. The first ever formal talk I ever joined was back during my time in olympiad training. It seems logical to marry competition and motivational speaker. The roaring of “I can do it! I am the best!” is an old yelling that has been sold ever since.

The form may take different theme. There is a more self-confident type of stream where in my opinion is you are elevating your opinion about yourself to the place you think you can never be. “Dream about getting that gold medal! You will get that gold medal”

Sometimes the form will evoke your inner feeling towards your loved ones. “Remember your mother at home! Imagine you are holding that gold medal and bring that home. Imagine her feeling of seeing it.” This is the most effective to bring tears to anyone who has a good family back at home. I am not saying that who don’t cry do not have a good family at home. I did not cry, but I have a good family back at home.

Another form may focus more on the method itself rather than the goal. I have to admit that when all the olympiads were introduced to the method called “mestakung” from the leader of the team, all of us effectively just rolled our eyes away. Well, thats what teenagers do when something is not interesting and strange. Basically, the rule is simple. You have to start working hard, focus, and uniquely make yourself in the critical position and thus your dream will come true. It is easy to joke around this method back then. However, if failures come, can we really blame on the method itself or on the unwillingness to follow it?

Recently, I realise there a new style in the market which is more humble oriented motivational speech. This form try to deal failure with another motivational speech. The focus is still about success but now is ready to cope with failure if the success is somehow “delayed” or perhaps never come in the first place. “The most important thing is to try and not to give up! Everyone falls, but the success get up!”

In which ever perspective that I observe, this motivational speaking is always being crowded by people and it brings “success” first and foremost to the speaker. If the success is measured by money alone, then we should realise that the speaker will reap success first by collecting entrance fee from the people who need it. But this is not what they sell, do they? The success sometimes is measured by happiness level too, or by helping others too. However, can we just admit that no motivational speaker is poor yet can hold seminar for happiness and helping others only?

Ah! That sounds more like a monk or a clergy from religion. This brings me to the thought that in fact religion is doing that too. Pastors turn from a sin-not proclaiming agent to a be-motivated proclaiming agent. With a little spice of God in it, you will get the common form of mega churches in the world today.

Commonly torn apart verse to motivate people. there is nothing wrong with the verse, but the context is greater than just to make you confident in doing presentation today

Besides the big church, we also have the poor clergy who is basically the life and soul of the people around the village. It is him whom the villager will seek when calamity or celebration occurs. It is him who will advise and strengthen the whole life of the people. When we see this side by side, is there any inherent common ground where both parties meet?

In Christian perspective, it is quite normal to see people really needs this kind of “soup for the soul”. The form may only touch the surface of the activity such as working hard and focus, or go deeper into the motivation such as remembering your mother as the source of commitment. The foundation of it really comes from the nature of man itself.

Christians believe that man is created in the image of God. We may debate all day long on the method of creation but the crystal clear truth from the Bible is that man is created with something inherently eternal which is the breath of God himself. We just cannot live without God as good as we cannot breath without air.

The fact that people will reject my last statement is another fact that people has been living too long without God as people has been living too long in air that is oxygen depleted. Eventually people will die because of it.

God of the Bible has shown multiple times that people need to come back to Him and let themselves to be renewed in Him — that apart from Him we basically can do nothing. Apart from Him we have no motivation, apart from Him we have no commitment, apart from Him we have no satisfaction, apart from Hin we have no good works to be done.

We can argue all day long how people can do great things in the name of humanity yet can live without the notion of God, let alone God of the Bible. But tell me then how futile is your seminars on motivation will do to you. It is like searching for a fresh tank of oxygen every time the last one has expired. If your motivation is your loved ones, I can imagine it to be a very massive oxygen tube that will run out when he/she passes away. The people of the earth will only run from one oxygen station to another oxygen station in this life until they find the true fresh air in God Himself.

I admit that my knowledge is not exhaustive that I may miss and wrongly represent the pattern at all. Christians may also neglect God altogether that their life may not be as fruitful as the other. Until the end of the day, motivational speaker will be needed as people need the food for their body.

But which food do you prefer? The temporal food which may satisfy your craving yet does not give you proper nutrition for living, or the eternal food which comes from your creator himself that knows what you need more than any good speaker?


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